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Healthcare Recruiters: Get The Talent Your Medical Company Deserves


smiling medical professionals

There are several different types of recruiting strategies.  The one we see most often is where a medical company will post an ad.  Usually the advertisment is made up of a combination of requirements and experience needed.  More often than not this doesn't generate the best healthcare candidates.

Using advertising as the primary means by which to recruite will not attract the best of the best.  In order to find Top Talent you need an effective strategy.  The following outlines how to maximize results when working with a professional healthcare recruiter.

Get What You Deserve, And That Is The Best

A good healthcare recruiting firm will build his day around developing a network of passive candidates.  A passive candiate is a professional who is not on the job boards actively searching for a new job.  In order to hire the best you must tap into the passive candidate market.

Define What You Need The Right Way

Have you ever seen a home for sale that has one of those For Sale By Owner signs stuck into the ground? If you have, do you think that the owner has gone through all of the necessary steps to get their home fully prepared for the sale? When you use a professional healthcare staffing agency, they will work with you to clearly define exactly what you are searching for in a healthcare employee.

A Headhunter Knows Where To Find Talent

The recruiter knows where to search for the right talent. Some healthcare candidates will not be active job seekers. Most are are already employed. A headhunter will have the connections and networking techniques to give you inside access to top performing medical employees. 

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Why College Graduates Feel Staffing Agencies Work


Career Advancement

As the class of 2014 college graduates set out into the job market, they'll be joining an already sizable percentage of unemployed college graduates from previous years. Many college graduates are unemployed or underemployed as many are finding it difficult to land jobs in their field of study, but there's hope.

As reported by the American Staffing Association (ASA), nearly 90% of companies have used temporary employment services and nearly 72% of temporary employees do eventually go on to staying on permanently.

Agencies Change to Meet the Demands

Today more college graduates are perceiving the benefits of staffing agencies. Many may find that a staffing agency is a way to gain permanent employment in a company. Others may see the changing nature of employment agencies altogether.

In the past, staffing agencies were viewed as a means to providing jobs for low-wage, low-skilled workers only, or as an alternative for companies needing clerical and administrative employees. Now, there are a wide range of placement companies who specialize in staffing professional positions such as lawyers, accountants, and even physicians.

Some college graduates are using staffing agencies to explore and experience various types of workplaces, which can be very helpful in revealing or confirming a person's career passion later on. Also, many staffing agencies can be an excellent source of information about which companies are hiring as well as which types of skills are currently in high demand.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries here in the U.S.  As aresult, one primary need in this market space is the ability to match the best possible candidates with ever growing healthcare client companies.  As the healthcare employment sector continues to expand in Texas, staffing agencies in Dallas, will be vital to building a connection between healthcare facilities and healthcare candidates.

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Medical Jobs in Dallas are in High Demand and Continues to Grow


Jobs with target in the center 

The ever-increasing growth of medical jobs in Dallas are at an all time high.  It's unfortunate that often this high demand for well seasoned medical professionals goes unmatched due to a limited supply of qualified healthcare candidates. High quality healthcare candidates should be carefully selected by a highly trained and knowledgeable team.  It is important to work with a specialty staffing firm that understands how to create that perfect fit for both the healthcare company and potential medical employee.

Looking For That Right Fit

Finding that right job can often be a job all by itself. Knowing what you want as a healthcare professional and also knowing how to go about getting it can be exhausting, time consuming and can become quite costly for both job seeker and company. Why not make it easier?

According to Dallas Business Journal, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations are among the highest paying jobs as well as the highest in demand in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. This means that hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies are having a greater need for:

Why the Demand?

The growing need for healthcare professionals is largely due to the aging population, the increase in healthcare spending and the new Affordable Healthcare Act.  Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the social assistance and healthcare sectors are expected to increase at a yearly rate of 2.6 percent between 2012 and 2022, projecting an average of 5.0 million jobs into the healthcare employment market.

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“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” -William Faulkner

America Soldier Saluting American Flag
“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” -William Faulkner

Working In Medical Collections


stair steps of cash

The healthcare employment sector is already quite large and always growing. As people live longer and birth rates continue to rise so will the need for more medical care.  As such, all facets of the medical world are growing, as are the demand for various types of jobs within that field. Medical collections is a big part of this.

A Stable Job

Many people are struggling to find work of any type these days, let alone something that is stable. The profession of medical collections is a career which is rather stable. There are always going to be opportunities to work with patients and medical facilities to resolve unpaid medical bills.  The peace of mind that a stable healthcare job provides is one of the greatest rewards a profession can offer.

Specific Medical Reimbursement Training Required

Healthcare professionals who work in medical collections are  working in the financial part of the medical field. This employment is also referred to as Revenue Cycle Management .  Consequently, specific training on how to handle all aspect of medical collections is vital to success.

Competitive Pay And Benefits

Medical collections representatives receive pay and benefits competitive with what they might find elsewhere. In many cases, people who work in medical collections are actually making more money than they were ever able to in the past. Therefore, this job position should be considered by anyone who is currently working to map out a career path in healthcare.


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The Medical Jobs Dallas Forecast


Jobs logo with target in the center

The future looks bright for a rewarding career in the healthcare field according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you're searching for medical jobs in Dallas, the supply is available to meet the demand.

There is always a demand for healthcare professionals around the country and that demand not only continues to rise, but is expected to continue rising in the future. As the healthcare laws continue to make changes, new healthcare jobs are added to this ever-growing field.

How much money can I make in the healthcare field?
If you’re interested in a future in the healthcare field, chances are that you’re in it because of your desire to help others. You’re also more than likely interested in a desirable salary. It is common knowledge that the healthcare field is one of the highest paying fields, but your salary will vary depending upon a few factors.

It will depend upon your education, position of interest, and your experience. The more experience that you gain and have in your specific field, the more money you can make. When getting started, you may start out making the “median” hourly wage for your position type, but after many years of experience find yourself making the “mean” hourly wage.

What is the average salary like for workers in the healthcare field?

Again, the average healthcare salary will vary depending upon the position of interested. Average hourly median wages range from $12.28 for health care support occupations up to $28.94 for healthcare practitioners and technical workers.

The average mean wage for healthcare support occupations is $13.36 and the average mean wage for healthcare practitioners and technical works is $35.35. Generally, the larger the degree, the more money you’ll make in this field.

If you’re interested in medical jobs Dallas and would like to learn more information, contact us today.

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Healthcare Staffing Agency: Finding The Right Talent Right Away


New Call-to-Action

The healthcare field is one in which talented medical professionals are always in demand. What a lot of people do not realize is just how many different types of healthcare jobs are available within this field. Once the scope of how large the healthcare field truly is starts to become known, the whole point of using a healthcare staffing agency in the first place makes a lot more sense.

Crafting A Medically Facility's Staff

A medical facility is going to require individuals who are trained in various areas of the healthcare field as well as those trained in things such as medical billing. Every piece of the operation has to work correctly or else none of it will really work at all. It is an organism that requires all parts functioning properly and being properly staffed. This is what a healthcare staffing agency ensures.

Great For Job Seekers

Healthcare candidates who are interested in finding employment in the medical field certainly favor healthcare staffing agencies.  Healthcare candidates benefit because they are able to rely on the staffing agency to help them find a job.

Staffing Agencies Aid Employers

Busy healthcare employers who may not have the time or resources to go out and find their own employees. Instead, they can rely on a healthcare staffing agency to help identify and recruit top healthcare candidates.  Working with the right staffing agency saves time, money and energy.


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Recruiting and Retaining High Performing Medical Collections Staff


hiring funnel

As the healthcare industry expands, the demand for medical collections staff is also increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics* the 10-year job outlook is strong for bill and account collectors including those in the medical field.

Although that's great news for prospective job seekers, the increase in demand coupled with industry-prevalent high turnover makes the job of the hiring manager more difficult.
Medical collectors are focused on collecting debt in the healthcare industry and work in hospitals, physician offices, healthcare centers or debt collection agencies.  They must be well-skilled at making outbound calls into potentially difficult situations and the job is not without stress.  If a new hire isn't a good fit, he/she won’t stay.

Keeping healthcare employee turnover as low as possible is a big job. Providing proper orientation, training, and a comfortable and positive work environment are important.  However, retaining good hires begins with selecting the right healthcare candidate up front.

How do you hire people that are a good fit for the role?

Finding a good fit is easier said than done.  Needing to fill positions quickly sometimes makes it difficult to resist the temptation to hire the next person that walks through the door.
Understanding the personalities, backgrounds, and needs of those who have been around the longest is a great place to start.  Hiring to the same model can help you make a better decision next time. Understanding the characteristics of healthcare employees who left after only a short time also lends insight to the hiring process which can help you reduce turnover.

One successful method of improving the quality of your hires is to team up with a staffing firm that specializes in the healthcare industry. Establishing a strong relationship with a specialized medical staffing firm can help boost your hiring success rate. 

Working with a medical staffing agency that understands your specific needs helps relieve the recruiting burden, leaving you more time to focus on retaining your best employees.



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Best Practices for Medical Collections



stack of money

Debt collection is never an easy field. Medical collections can be even more challenging since employees may be dealing with ill or emotionally distraught patients and their families. Earlier this year, the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) teamed up with the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals to formulate "medical account resolution" best practices. HFMA CEO Joseph Fifer explained, "These best practices provide a much-needed blueprint for hospitals, physicians and our partners in account resolution. Patients...deserve a consistent, fair process for resolving payment issues."

Best Practice Highlights

  • While the "best practices" document outlined many details about medical collections, some main points stand out.
  • Patients or their representatives should receive financial counseling and clear communication in the emergency department once the patient is stable.
  • A patient undergoing an elective procedure should be provided clear communication of financial obligations prior to the procedure.
  • All personnel that discuss financial matters with patients should receive specialized training.
  • If a provider or hospital reports a patient to a credit bureau, the provider must report back to the credit bureau when the debt is resolved.
  • Health care organizations should provide a toll-free number for patients to receive information about their bills and payment options, and to field complaints.
  • Providers should review the technology they have that determines patient insurance eligibility and obligation at least once per year.

Reporting to a Credit Bureau

According to Forbes magazine, the Internal Revenue Service issued guidelines this past January that prohibit not-for-profit hospitals from using "extraordinary" debt collection practices, including the use of a collection agency, unless the hospital can prove the patient does not qualify for financial assistance. Additionally, the IRS guidelines say hospitals must allow patients up to 120 days to begin the application process for financial assistance. Patients are then given another 120 days to complete the application. During that 240-day period, providers cannot engage in "extraordinary collection actions."

Staying up-to-date on regulations and best practices for medical collections is challenging. Finding qualified employees that can follow the procedures set in place can be even more challenging. Dynamic Global Staffing is dedicated to providing top talent in the health care arena. Contact us for help recruiting medical collections professionals or to continue your career in the medical collections field.


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Medical Collections & The Law


New Call-to-Action

When staffing medical collection jobs it is imperative that the healthcare team you create is aware of federal and state laws governing debt collection practices.  The main federal law that oversees debt collection practices is called The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). When collecting medical (or other debts), collectors much adhere to several restrictions.

A medical collector may not contact the debtor at an unusual time or place, such as a place of employment if the debtor is not permitted to accept calls while on the job.  Secondly, if the debtor is being represented by an attorney, the medical collections agent will need to contact the attorney directly.  If a debtor informs a collection agency in writing to stop contact, then they must concede with the following exceptions:

1. To inform the debtor that there will be no further contact

2. To notify the debtor that the creditor may take certain legal action against them.

All debt collectors are required by law to inform the debtor of certain information about the debt. That material includes the name of the creditor, the amount owed and instructions on how to dispute or seek verification of the debt. If this information is not given in the initial contact with the debtor, the debt collector is required to send a written notice including that information within five days of the original contact.

If a debt is disputed in writing within 30 days of when the required information is received, the debt collector cannot call or contact the debtor until after the dispute has been investigated and the verification has been provided in writing.

State laws will generally follow those of the FDCPA, but should be confirmed by contacting the state's general attorney's office.

For additional information, contact Dynamic Global Staffing for professional staffing solutionsis.


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